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Who We Are?

We mainly produce various kinds of glass containers for vodka,whisky, rum, cognac, etc. Our 6 top bottle & moulding designers compose the most  cost-effective one-stop that can provide customers’ finished goods.Our factory, marketing office and designers are in Shandong Province, one of the biggest glass bottles manufacturing base in China. We have 4 furnaces, 12 automatic production lines and 6 semi-automatic production lines, ready to meet customers’ different product demand. Each process and every shift is strictly supervised by professional QC team to guarantee sustainable quality. 

What can we do?

We are determined to change the view that China is “the Workshop of the World” with a notorious reputation to provide cheap but bad-quality items. Our main target is to provide our customers with quality glass products at inexpensive prices without suffering the quality defects, after-sales service or communication issues. On top of that, we have been shipping quality products to many parts of the world, Europe, USA, South America,etc.
How can we do it?

With our professional and creative design team and English-fluent top management, we are about to help you increase sales, reduce costs and improve productivity. We offer swift, efficient, and gracious service to our customers. We are committed to returning profit to our business partners while creating a positive working environment for our employees. We strive to turn every business transaction into a pleasurable experience.