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Strategy :Specialize in glass industry and endeavor to create first-class scale, first-class quality, first-class management and industry-leading benefits.

Mission:Carry forward the essence of Chinese culture, serve the customers and benefit the society to push forward comprehensive progress of the enterprise with modern technologies, insight, wisdom, and pioneering spirit of the working staff.

Development Direction :Optimize and adjust the glass industrial structure, build up a team of high-quality working staff, improve the corporate governance system, implement the brand strategy and enhance core competitiveness by following a new path to industrialization.​​​​​​​

Value Outlook:Respect science, knowledge and talents, and inspire the staff’s self-innovation ability。

​​​​​​​Cultural Concept :Make improvement and innovation by focusing on the customers and market based on good faith, create values for the customers and benefits for the  employees, cultivate the labor force in competition and achieve excellent performance in business.

​​​​​​​Innovation:Seek aggressively to become a pioneer in glass industry by innovation. Design and innovation are part of our DNA, and have played a key part in our rapid growth