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50ml high quality small size glass bottle

  • 50ml
  • JR glass
  • JB0215

Production description: Extra flint quality glass bottle small size 50ml


Ref. No.: RS0215

Size: 32.5*138                   

WT(g): 78

Mouthful(ml): 60

Finish(mm): 15.7/8.9


We ensure high-quality output of bottles through a multi-tiered rigorous QC process. Post annealing inspectors are placed to observe for inconsistencies, imperfections & occlusions. Glass bottles are then subjected to machine inspection, and finally a secondary physical inspection. Machines are also initially calibrated such that that bottle volume and dimensional tolerances are within acceptable standards. In the event that you have a specific inspection criteria, we can formulate a bespoke process according to your criteria. Additionally clients are most welcome to visit and inspect our factory in China.  This can be facilitated via your account manager.