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Glass pie dish/casserole w/handles
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Glass Pie Dish wIth handles

Product name: Glass pie dish/casserole w/handles
Material: borosilicate glass heat-endurable
Coefficient of expansion: 3.8*10-6/K
Heat tolerance Max: 520℃
Cold Tolerance Max; -20℃
Temp. Sharp variation: 120℃
Color: Transparent clear

Guarantee of resistance to thermal shock;
Strong glass construction and superior heat-resistant;
Superior chemical resistance/stability;
Superior quality and safety;
No scratch,stain resistant and easy to clean;
Applicable to micro-oven & dishwasher;
Perfect for small-size pies and desserts.

Certifications: FDA(US), LFGB(Germany), DGCCRF(France), 84/500EEC & 2005/21/EC(EU)