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Step One:
Raw materials inspection:
Glass bottles are manufactured by more than a dozen raw materials like quartz powder, limestone, sodium carbonate, dolomite, feldspar, boric acid, sodium sulfate, barium sulfate, zinc oxide, potassium carbonate and cullet. Glass bottle is a container which will through 1600-degree heat to melt and shaping. We have warehouses to store them and specialized personnel to check the quality status for all incoming raw materials, and reject them in case they fail to our QC standards;  

All raw materials mixture process is controlled and monitored by a computer-based automatic mixing system. This will ensure the stable glass bottle quality and avoid glass color or quality deviation. 
Automatic inspection system
We apply automatic inspection machines for the whole QC process. All glass defectives will be detected during the process and rejected immediately.

Our QC staff are positioned on line to constantly conduct quality control 24/7. They monitor variations and trends, acting quickly to deal with any out-of-spec production that may occur from time to time.

Bottles are routinely checked on the production line, after the electronic inspection station, prior to palletization These checks are conducted throughout production and any deviation from the agreed standard will ensure the bottle is rejected. 

All rejected glass bottles will be recycled through an enclosed conveyor system down to the cullet, this will 100% avoid broken glass fly into inside of glass bottle or even hurt the workers.
Packaging options: 
pallet + carton board +shrink film+ plywood pallet
custom carton with dividers+ plywood pallet
custom carton with dividers+ plywood pallet + shrink film
dividers + plywood pallet + shrink film
paper tray + plywood pallet
other packaging requested by customer.
Anti-thermo shock behaviour         Capacity at fill point
Internal Stress                                
Internal Surface                              
External diameter / ovality
Bottle Mouth Finish                         
Vertical axis
Bottle bore and neck                       
Bottle height
Slope of finish                                  
Side wall and base thickness
Surface cracks and checks              
Sink & Bulge of label panel
Air bubbles                                       
Surface treatment
Smoothness of surface                    
Pallet shroud integrity
Mould joint - seam visibility              
Pallet stability 
Cat scratches
Scissors cut imprint
Washboard "neck creases"