How to Make Your Own DIY Wine Bottle Glasses?

How to Cut Wine Bottles
I rarely buy drinking glasses for our home. Most of the ones that we have are almost ancient and whenever I want to have new ones, I look for a DIY project that can help me out. If you remember a post that we did before on how to make beer bottle glasses, I’m sure wine drinkers like myself would love this craft project on how to make wine bottle glasses. So if you have a stash of empty wine bottles sitting around just waiting to be recycled or upcycled, try this your skills in cutting wine bottles.
Supplies you’ll need to make DIY wine bottle glasses:
wine bottles
safety gloves
green bottle cutter 
boiling water
cold water

Step 1
Clean your wine bottle and refrigerate for about five minutes before starting the project. Don’t forget to wear your safety gloves before you begin!

Step 2
Using your green bottle cutter, make a score around the bottle. Adjust it to the length you’d want your wine glass bottles to be. In case you don’t have a green bottle cutter, you can also use a sharp object instead.

Step 3
You would need some assistance on this part. Have a friend pour your boiling water directly to the score you made on the wine bottle. While this is being done, rotate the bottle quickly and continuously. Do this for a couple of seconds until the bottle has heated completely.

You would want to heat your bottle evenly so it would have a clean break. We wouldn’t want any cracks right?

Step 4
Once it has completely heated, put it under cold water while quickly rotating it. The sudden change in temperature is what causes the bottle to break and we would want it to be even.

Note: In case it still doesn’t break, repeat steps 3 and 4. The edges may be sharp once it breaks. Since we don’t want any accidents when using this cool DIY wine bottle glass, it’s recommended to sand the edges until it’s no longer sharp.